Post Production Sound on Sale Street evolved from Sale Street Studios, (est 2009) and is nestled snugly in Auckland’s media hub in Freeman’s Bay. It is a boutique style, professional Pro Tools HD audio facility with 2 control rooms specialising in recording and mixing sound for television and radio commercials, television programmes, corporate AV, animation and all forms of multimedia.


Post Production Sound handles music composition as well as organising your Production Library and stock music needs. The control rooms and studio are acoustically designed and meticulously crafted from the genius talents of Mike Richards. The control room features Genelec 8050A main monitoring and Genelec 8130As for surround sound 5.1. The Loft suite features Genelec 8040s


Post Production Sound has an enormous sound effects library covering everything from aliens to zoo animals, a wide array of international atmos and sound effects and specific New Zealand sound effects as well as B-Format. Foley and ADR recording at Post Production Sound is simple.


We are able to link you up with studios out of Auckland and around the world with Source Connect to give you the ability to work with artists in L.A, London, Wellington or Hong Kong in real time and pristine quality.


Post Production Sound provides a comfortable client lounge for pre session meetings or just chilling out on the balcony in the afternoon sun.


Car parking at Post Production Sound is provided free of charge.




Music Composition

Post Production Sound is the home of music writers Music Sweet who are available to write tv and radio jingles, backing tracks and contemporary music.


Terms & Conditions

All AMCOS music is licensed in accordance with AMCOS terms and conditions and in reliance upon AMCOS's warranties. No warranties are made by Post Production Sound Limit Limited as to the underlying rights in any AMCOS licensed music and Post Production Sound Limited / Sale Street Studios Limited is not liable for any defects in title of AMCOS licensed music.